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pardon my absence . . .

I’ve been a little busy!


I swear, who’s ever idea it was to have a baby at harvest time on the farm . . . my word what a busy time!

It’s been six weeks since we welcomed our new daughter and we’re quickly finding the groove of our new normal with two munchkins to look after. She’s fitting right in.

Now the harvest is done, the pantry is stocked with jewels of jarred summer, the freezer full to brimming with home-grown birds. We have had such an exciting first year on the farm; we’ve had some amazing successes and some spectacular failures that I can’t wait to share with you. Today is stormy and bucketing down rain; time to tuck in with a quilt and the babies and try to get caught up on my writing!



The hurricane has passed and so has my minor meltdown.

The pantry is stocked, my laundry is done, I finally baked some bread and managed to interview three office assistants in the space of an hour and a half.

I was late for the interview, my house is still a mess, I set off the smoke alarm at 6 am baking the bread and the applesauce went to the chickens instead of the larder.

No small children died. The sky did not fall.

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calling all homesteaders, homemakers, stay-at-home mums and like-minded adventurers

Are you a full-time mum? A renegade homemaker? A modern housewife? An urban, suburban, rural honest-to-goodness homesteader, or aspiring to be? A real-life Punk-Domestic Goddess?

Have you chosen home over career? Traded your stilettos for slippers?

If so, I’d like to hear from you.

Lots of blogs and books about homesteading and modern homemaking gloss over the often less-than-perfect realities of this lifestyle. I’m curious about how women who choose to stay at home and focus on making a home, whether by being a full-time mum, homesteading, or filling the role of housewife / homemaker actually do it.

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the renegade housewife

So its dawned on me that some of my posts have strayed pretty far from the realm of food security and whatnot of late . . . You may have noticed I’ve been blathering on about babies and all sorts of other unrelated housewifey stuff. Or maybe not. Whatever.

Anyway. It occured to me that some of you food security peeps might not be so keen to hear about my domestic cavorting.

And so.

I started a second blog. To spare you. Or tickle you pink. Either works for me.

the renegade housewife is my new blog about all things domestic. Well, not all things. Only the things that amuse or annoy me, mostly.

Hopefully some of it will amuse (or annoy) you, too. Again, either works for me.

Check me out.

domestically disabled

Man. What a week.

Ever have one of those days when you really start to question your place in the world? This was one of those weeks. And it’s only Wednesday. I think.

As someone who has always had success in school and career, it can be a bitter pill to do something you sometimes completely suck at.

Ahhh the oft underrated domestic arts. I hate Martha today. Who does she think she is making all us women think we can do it all? Where the heck does she get off?

We are now 3 1/2 months into Mommy-hood. I have permanent Mommy-Brain. (Moms – you know what I’m talking about.) So.

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invasion of the body snatchers, mommy style.

Well, I’ve officially been a mum for nearly 3 months now. What a bizarre and beautiful experience.

Seems hard to believe that only a year ago I was a full-time public servant, spending my days in heels and pinstripes in my cubicle on Robson. I can’t find a shadow of that person in the mirror anymore.

Motherhood has changed me.

That seems like a flippant statement, but its true. I don’t recognize myself anymore. It goes without saying my body has changed (wider and droopier and much more often covered in poop and spit-up) . . . But then there is the rest of me . . .

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