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slow foods mama, signing off

I remember in what seems a lifetime ago, a beloved yoga instructor teaching the lesson that before we can ever get to a heartfelt, genuine “YES” in our life, we must first learn to say “NO” with the conviction and strength of a young child. Only once we truly embrace the power of No will we find our way to Yes.

I am a long way from Yes, so it’s time to practice No.

Unfortunately, I am struggling to find the joy in this jerry-rigged, hand-made life of late. The glimpses of awe-inspiring beauty and joy are currently overwhelmed by frustration, a mother’s guilt and too much busyness.

I have a dozen posts sitting in my drafts but they all amount to not much more than grumblings of cautionary tales . . . I want to write about the truth of the beautiful, terrible struggle these early years of our dream have been, but I don’t have the heart or the strength or the time to both live them AND write about them.

I know the things I have grappled with this past year and a half will be of great use to many of you who are planning to follow the same journey and I desperately want to share them, but I simply can’t right now. There are too many tasks, too many little lives depending on me and so it’s time to say goodbye for now.

It’s time to retreat to the real world, work through the farm’s challenges with fleshy people, hold hands, nurture the community we are gratefully building here. Eventually there will be less re-inventing the wheel and I will have enough time between these early days and the present for reflection and gratitude. For now I am up to my elbows in it and I need to just BE in it. I will regret it if I don’t.

So here I go. So long. Farewell.

Good growing, Stacey

pardon my absence . . .

I’ve been a little busy!


I swear, who’s ever idea it was to have a baby at harvest time on the farm . . . my word what a busy time!

It’s been six weeks since we welcomed our new daughter and we’re quickly finding the groove of our new normal with two munchkins to look after. She’s fitting right in.

Now the harvest is done, the pantry is stocked with jewels of jarred summer, the freezer full to brimming with home-grown birds. We have had such an exciting first year on the farm; we’ve had some amazing successes and some spectacular failures that I can’t wait to share with you. Today is stormy and bucketing down rain; time to tuck in with a quilt and the babies and try to get caught up on my writing!

Calling all Sookies! (no, that’s not a Canadian way to call cows) . . . If you’re here, you know.

A little town outside my hometown is looking for farmers for a coop – check it out if you’re in the area.

Young Agrarians

A good friend, colleague, raw dairy advocate, and all-around bovine enthusiast recently sent me the below announcement about the group she co-founded that intends to establish a farm-based community on Southern Vancouver Island. More details can be read on the group’s blog.


In order to address our concerns about the future integrity of our planet, we want and intend to create together a way of life that encourages people to learn and grow toward a more sustainable future. We envision an interdependent, cooperative and learning community that strives to: preserve and protect the land and water; provide sustenance to each other; and be interconnected with the larger society.

Does living in a community of people dedicated to such a vision appeal to you? Are you ready? Do you feel a need to live closer to the earth? Do you want to create a…

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GMO food dialogues : AKA sh*t that makes me crazy

Ok – fair warning. I feel a rant post coming on.

So, a while back I find myself supposed to be working, but I check in to twitter for the first time in ages and see a #FoodD hashtag with some interesting tweets.

Now, I’m totally out of the loop regarding the goings-on in agriculture in the great wide world at the moment. Usually I work hard to stay informed; right now I’m too busy trying to actually farm to keep up on arguments about farming. Apparently there’s a big panel discussion going on and they’re getting my goat.

You can watch the dialogue at Food Dialogues website here.


What the heck is the matter with people???? Seriously.

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buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day

It’s that time of year again . . .

Time for folks south of the border to line up in the freezing cold for hours on end outside big box stores to be trampled in a stampede and have their wigs pulled off. Also, you might be shot or killed. Watch your back when reaching for that new Wii. Just sayin’.

I saw a lot of that on CNN this morning, wig-pulling, that is. CNN also told me quite matter-of-factly this morning that shopper-agression is here to stay, so we might as well get used to it.


What in the world convinces us to toss out our sanity, not to mention our dignity, to get a so-called deal on crap we don’t need?

Don’t get me wrong. My kid will have prezzies under the tree. My Amazon book order is in, and it was big. I struggle to walk that fine line between focusing on the experience, time with family, the meaning of Christmas and wanting my son to feel that same gasp of joy and surprise and excitement I knew as a child.

Surely there is a middle ground between brawling in Wal-Mart and a spartan holiday season.

Anyway . . .

I’ve participated in Buy Nothing Day for as long as I can remember. All that left-wing hippy-dippy liberal education will do that to you at a young age. Go figure.

Some years it was easy (like I was a teenager and broke) other years it was hard (working downtown and forgoing my two daily trips to Starbucks for example.) These days, I don’t need much, so I don’t buy much. It gets easier.

Tomorrow might be Black Friday, but it’s also Buy Nothing Day. I invite you to join me.

Stand up. Fight back. Buy nothing.

new year, new goals

Well, that’s it. I’m officially in my early 30’s. Gah.

I enjoyed a rare date-night with my hubby, spent the morning chasing chickens and the better part of the afternoon under a quilt in the lazy-boy cuddling a sick, very cranky baby. He wandered around the house all morning rubbing his offending nose muttering Darn Cold, Darnit.

This past year and a bit has brought big changes; a baby, a new home, a farm . . . new businesses, new challenges, new joys.

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