When a world-wide peaceful protest ISN’T news : The March Against Monsanto

A note from Stacey:

This post has been seen by over 400 people in just the last few hours. I just want to say thank you to everyone who is taking them time to educated themselves on this important issue. When you are done, please share this post and my related post regarding why we need to care about Monsanto. I have heard back from some of the media outlets I contacted regarding the lack of coverage and their responses have been pathetic. It’s time for us to create a NEW mainstream media. It’s up to us. Spread the word. Share the information. SHARING IS REBELLIOUS. Cheers, Stacey The Slow Foods Mama

march against monsanto sign          no to gmo alfalfa           no patents on life

Yesterday morning we headed to downtown Vancouver to take part in our local March Against Monsanto, signs in hand and munchkin in tow. It was POURING. When we arrived at the Art Gallery, the turn out was decidedly disappointing, but to my encouragement there were tons of kids there. TONS. Mamas, wee babies, other prego ladies, lots and lots of families.

march against monsanto vancouver

We waited and waited in the pouring rain, and as we did, our numbers grew, and grew . . . and grew. By the time we got marching, we were at the end of the line, pushing the buggy – 15 minutes in the march had grown to such an extent that I couldn’t see the end of it!

Here’s some video of our march, taken from someone’s balcony – you get the idea of how big it was!

march against monsanto protest     young protestors

We were peaceful, cheerful and represented a diverse cross-section of Vancouver. Old, young, families, visibly-rich and not-so. People were there for a wide variety of reasons – protecting our bees, the health concerns of GMOs, seed security, the too-cozy relationship between Monsanto and government, specific GMO crops, you name it. Most of the people were informed and passionate and were there out of a genuine concern for the future of our kids and the safety of our food.

We chanted “Our Food, Our Choice!” as we marched through the streets of Vancouver, lead by the cheerful music of the local Carnival Band and the drums of our First Nations allies.

A peaceful, world-wide protest about something EVERYONE has in common, FOOD

And yet . . . We got very little media coverage around the world. There was some, but very little of it made any connection to the fact this was a historic day – over 400 cities around the world took part, and many reports grossly underestimated the numbers of people involved at each location.

mainstream media fails to cover march against monsanto

Our local news outlet below (Global News) characterized our march as “dozens” of people. Take a look at that video again. Does that look like “dozens” to you???

monsanto kills bees   #MAM Vancouver

I’d like to know why on earth this isn’t deemed more important. Why the CBC (our national broadcaster here in Canada) had a puff piece about Netflix binge-viewing, and a feature on a pig farmer in Vegas who feeds his hogs leftovers from the buffets . . . but didn’t cover this international day of action. Not to mention the nauseating (and never-ending) coverage of Toronto, Canada’s mayor’s alleged drug-use video – a story pretty much completely void of facts and based on nothing but rumour and conjecture – but THAT’s news and this isn’t.

If the mainstream media won’t cover the March Against Monsanto, it’s up to us

So. Here’s what I’m going to do, and I suggest you do too.

If you were part of the March Against Monsanto, I want you to scream it from the rooftops.

Bombard social media, send your stories, reasons for marching and pictures to your local media, newspapers, tv and write to your elected officials. Tell them what we were doing and why. Tell them you are watching and will hold them accountable. Tell them this is too important an issue to be ignored.

Tell your friends and family why you marched. Most people, when they hear what is happening, can’t help but be appalled. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of information to get people moving for change. Everyone has a stake in this fight. We all eat.

Most of us want the same things; to live a healthy, free, joyful life and for our children to have a safe, hopeful future. Look at the photos of the protest from around the world and you will see that is true. People from all over the globe, different cultures, different languages, different values, came together over this same cause. We all eat, we all want a better future for our kids. It was no small wonder that there were so many parents and grandparents of small children at these marches. Our kids have the most to lose if we don’t stand up and fight for them.

Let’s make it happen.

Monsanto’s worst enemy is an informed public. Arm yourself with knowledge. Share it.

Sharing really is rebellious.

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