Help Save Cottonwood Gardens!

One of my favourite spots in East Vancouver, heck, in Vancouver in general is at risk.

Cottonwood Gardens is a well-established community food garden across the street from the Vancouver Food Bank. I’ve written about Cottonwood before in I Heart East Van.

It is a stunningly beautiful oasis in an industrial, less-affluent neighbourhood. All I can think is that if this garden was in Kitsilano or somewhere else on the more affluent west side of town, the chances of this being proposed would be a heck of a lot less likely.

This time they’re not paving paradise to put up a parking lot, they’re paving it to put in a “super road”, whatever the hell that is.

This space isn’t just a collection of neglected wooden planters. It is a thriving food forest with mature trees, accessible garden plots, a youth garden, an opportunity for teaching and learning for the students of a nearby school, a place that is run on it’s own without top-down direction, green houses, a sand-pit for children, benches in the cool quiet of shade trees, beautiful verdant abundance where there was once only garbage and neglect.

The garden is over 20 years old.

Please visit their website to learn more, write a letter to the Mayor and Council of Vancouver at and spread the word!

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