strawberry season is here!

Our boy has been ravaging our small strawberry patch here at home, so we thought it would be fun to take him strawberry picking at our usual spot, Emma Lee Farms on Westham Island.

Strawberry Picking

strawberry picking at westham island

As is par for the course with kids, it didn’t go exactly as I had imagined. He was a lot more interested in running around, trying to step IN the box of berries and ON the plants than he was picking.

Whatever. He got lots of fresh air, sunshine and exercise and we went home with a box full of loot.

This was his favourite part:

bringing home the strawberry harvest

He pushed the wagon all the way in from the far field we were picking in. Dad only had to steer! Not bad for 14 months old.

We’ll make a farmer of him yet.

We came home and ate our berries the best way I know how, fresh, sliced with vanilla whipped cream. Bliss.

Here’s my second favourite thing to do with my strawberries:

Chèvre Ice Cream with Strawberry-Balsamic Ribbons

2 thoughts on “strawberry season is here!

    1. The Slow Foods Mama Post author

      Our season just started – June has been so miserable! They’re expecting the season to stretch well into July. Seems like everywhere else in NA it’s completely the opposite.


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