eating our way to a better world

Fantastic article. Seriously. Fantastic.

This is the most comprehensive, intelligent discussion of the challenges facing the new food movement I’ve read yet.


3 thoughts on “eating our way to a better world

  1. Growing Up in the Garden

    This is a really great article. This part spoke to me especially:

    “The local has become the predominant space of action in alternative food movements largely because it is seen as the site to try alternatives, and to counter trends towards globalized, industrialized, commodity-trade oriented agriculture. While this is an important aspect of resistance, we also need to be mindful of tendencies to use questions of scale to sidestep the more fundamental matters of power and capital. Further, if we confine our action to the small-scale, the most we can hope to achieve is small isolated ponds of fresh food for privileged consumers in an ocean of food injustices.”

    This is so true and so important. It is one of the main reasons I have been hanging on the fringes of getting involved in some things going on in my community. I am afraid they are going to end up as one of these “isolated ponds.” This is the problem I have with the urban and rural homestead movement. While I think it is important to practice what you preach, when all your time and effort is put into your personal space and choices, in the end you haven’t done much to make big systemic changes. If it is balanced with looking at and changing the bigger picture, excellent!

    1. The Slow Foods Mama Post author

      You’ve hit on one of my main troubles from a practical point of view. How on earth do you have time to manage a homestead (of any size) bake your own bread, make pasta from scratch, keep the chickens alive, chase your children, do the laundry and still have time to change the world??

      My house regularly falls down around me while I write. It drives my husband crazy, but I don’t know what else to do. Do I pay someone to keep my house for me? We don’t have much money and if I want to make more that will mean more time away from my family . . . Do I buy more processed food so that I have more time to write? Do I leave my kid with a sitter so that I can go to rallies???

      I really struggle with that – and I suspect a lot of other women do too. I do my best to write letters to my representatives in government at all levels, and write of course, but what else do we do? How do we walk the talk in our own lives AND make change outside our own doors?

      1. Growing Up in the Garden

        I struggle with this too. I just think that making people aware that while we put our best foot forward in our personal lives, it is critical that we take action outside our homes as well, and acknowledge that it will take more than hanging up our laundry on the line ;).

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