a word on goals

In my last post I mentioned that I didn’t agree with the writer of the article on food tribalism that all of our tribes share the same goal of health.

I was asked a good question in response.

What IS my goal?

I’ve been thinking about it this morning and realizing that my answer isn’t as straight-forward as I thought.

My goals in my writing and my efforts at home range from the practical to the political to the philosophical. My goals are rooted in the present, as a mother of a small child, and look forward – to his children and their children’s future.

If I can sum them up I’d say my goals are sanity, security, independence and joy.

I’d like my son’s children to have a sane food system that serves them and their children, not large corporations. I’d like that system to be in line with Slow Food values – good, clean and fair.

I want my son’s children to have food-security. To have access to clean, safe, nourishing foods that don’t cost an arm and a leg AND the earth. I do not want them to have a food system that relies on harmful chemicals, or is ecologically and socially destructive.

I want my family, now and in the future, to have the knowledge, skills and seeds to feed ourselves. I want them to know and value the independence that comes from a meal grown close to home and prepared with care by loving hands. I do not want them to rely on corporations to put food on the table. I want them to be producers, to take pride and empowerment from that.

Last, but perhaps most importantly, I want my family to live a joyful life. A life full of rich experiences, fresh air and hard work. Good food enjoyed around a table with family and friends is one of life’s simplest pleasures. To have an intimate understanding of one’s dinner, having nourished and tended it from seed to table is one of the most joyful experiences in life.

The family table is a celebration of life, the seasons, our time together, the bounty of our garden and our skills in the kitchen.

I can’t think of anything more joyful, or of a more worthwhile goal for my family.

4 thoughts on “a word on goals

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