if boobs are ok for billboards, they’re more than ok for babies!!! a breastfeeding rant

English: Breastfeeding the baby.

I have some pretty strong feelings about this one. What can I say. . .

Here’s my open letter to a town councillor from Alberta, Canada – who made public comments about her disapproval of a fellow council woman breastfeeding her new baby in meetings.

Any culture that views nourishing a child as gross, inappropriate for public or shameful has some serious issues.

Why is it ok for anyone to challenge such a basic human right as breastfeeding your child??

And to folks who have a problem with women breastfeeding in public I have three words for you.


Dear Ms. Monteith,

I am writing to express my concern regarding your recent comments about your fellow councillor breastfeeding her baby during work meetings.

I am particularly disappointed to see that it is another woman making these disparaging, closed-minded remarks.

I am a young breastfeeding mother and former human rights worker. I would like to take this time to remind you that breastfeeding is protected under human rights law in Canada.

Breastfeeding is natural, normal and healthy for both mothers and babies.

Rather than viewing breastfeeding mothers as an inappropriate distraction, it is time we shift our view and recognize that breastfeeding mothers can and should be included as a normal part of every aspect of public life. Government and public service should be a place where we are proactive about improving the role of all women in society – that includes lactating women.

After the similar controversy that occurred recently in the House of Commons, it was uplifting to see the images of women with babies at work in governments in other parts of the world. There is no reason why new mothers should be excluded from participating in our democracy and serving their community. It is possible.

In regards to your comment about tax payers covering her child-care – We SHOULD have universal childcare. Your comment is mean-spirited and anti-family. Parents – women AND men, need all the support they can get, especially in this fragile economy. I applaud Ms. Westerlund for being back at work so soon after her birth.

It is time we do away with the misogynistic stigma and taboo associated with breastfeeding. If boobs are ok for billboards, they’re more than ok for babies.

I hope you reassess your opinions and apologize to Ms. Westerlund and her family.


Stacey Langford

One thought on “if boobs are ok for billboards, they’re more than ok for babies!!! a breastfeeding rant

  1. Kim Daly

    Go get ’em girl; I couldn’t agree more with you! It’s nothing short of sad that our society doesn’t further embrace the healthiest, most natural way to feed our children.


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