becoming a producer

become a producer instead of a consumer

I read a lot about sustainability, simple living, food security, climate change, social justice, economics, peak oil, peak everything . . .

I think most regular, everyday folks watch the news and can agree that this isn’t the world we want. For the most part, it seems to me, people are awakening to the idea that we need to make change.

So why are we continuing to dream this world into existence? Why aren’t we imagining something different?

Many might say – it’s not me who is dreaming this world into existence. It’s Wall Street. The Government. The Corporations. The Powerful. The Elite. The West.

Ok. That might be true, to an extent. But who gave Them power to do that?

We did.

We did when we allowed ourselves to be defined by the things we buy; we wear the paper crown of The Consumer as Kings and Queens of the discount department store isle.

Worse yet, we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking our power lies in consuming even more, consuming the right things, the green things, the politically correct things.

There is a small amount of power there, sure. But it’s minuscule compared to the sleeping power of a shift in our identities.

What if rather than accepting the disposable crown of consumerism, we became producers instead?

What would happen then?

{For the record, I’m not suggesting a return to cave man days with each of us barely eking out an existence while we painstakingly hone our own tools and make our own loin cloths from animals we killed ourselves.}

I simply mean that we can shift our thinking.

When you learn the skills to do some things for yourself, you begin to realize that you have a choice. That awareness is empowering.

You also learn that there is a special kind of pride and pleasure that comes from producing the things you need.

Whether you knit, grow a garden, learn to sew, cook from scratch, brew your own beer, save your own seeds, build a house, heck – even raise your own kids, you learn a simple pleasure that can’t be replicated by the endorphin-fuelled frenzy of a shopping spree.

There is power in any level of self-reliance. And not only in self-reliance, but community-reliance. Interdependence between people is a lot different than dependence on a corporation. If we want a truly resilient future, we have to learn the difference and practice, practice, practice.

What can you do to shift your role from consumer to producer?

What do you already do that sets that paper Crown of Consumerism alight?

One thought on “becoming a producer

  1. selfsufficientsimple

    Great post, very well written with some thought-provoking ideas. We can all do something, even if it’s something small, to become producers. There’s so much pride in producing your own food and it’s so satisfying knowing how your food was treated before you ate it!


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