the quest for our forever farm

For as long as I can remember, my hubby and I have been dreaming of life on a farm.

My husband yearns for the life of his childhood in rural Ontario, and I dream of a simpler life for our children. We both want the security that comes with a bit of land to grow our own food.

We are always trying to figure out the best way to provide a good, secure future for our family. Like many people around the world of late, we think there has to be a better way than living our lives as indebted servants to capitalism.

There must be a way to live simply, walk gently on the earth and still live a full, satisfying life (and be able to afford to retire and send the kids to college, to boot!)

For us, we believe the answer lies in a family farm. We aren’t looking to become “farmers” in the traditional sense of the word, at least not right now. We have family businesses unrelated to farming to pay the bills.

We hope that a farm will allow us to eat close to home and enjoy a lifestyle that will teach our kids the value of work, fresh air and real food. On just our tiny city lot, we’re able to grow enough to food to put a sizeable dent in our grocery bill. Just think what we could do with a few acres!

So with a goal of moving in the next two years we’re putting together our wish list, ogling farms and forming a plan.

The goal is to find the best piece of land for the least amount of money. We want our mortgage to be either the same or less than what it is now.

We’ve debated keeping our current home in Vancouver as a rental property, which the bank would probably let us do, but we’ve decided we’d rather be debt free than mortgaged to the hilt in such uncertain times. It’s a tough decision, because we have a superb location in the city and the value will likely go WAY up, but we’ve already seen huge gains in equity and I feel like we’d be tempting fate by being greedy . . .

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d rather own ONE property than have two properties that the bank owns.

But I digress.

We have given ourselves two years to find our forever farm. I have a feeling the quest is going to be as much of an adventure as farming itself, so we’ll share our search with you here.

Wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “the quest for our forever farm


    Wishing you luck! We sold our city home and moved to a run-down country one, but we got a lot more space, privacy and a HUGE garden (plus some unexpected ducks). I won’t lie, there are times when you second guess yourself and stress about leaving your nice home, neighbors, schools, the life you have built, the headache of buying/selling real estate, but once you get there it will be worth it! We have taken on a huge renovation project but I am so much happier under the stars with space to breathe in. I never was a city girl…and to be honest I don’t miss it one bit. Good luck and keep me posted!

    1. The Slow Foods Mama Post author

      Ooooh the pictures of your house make my heart hurt! So beautiful. We aren’t likely to find anything like that here. If we want it, we’ll have to build it. Thankfully my hubby’s a builder so it’s an option.
      It’s going to be an adventure, but we’re up for it!

  2. Viv

    Ooh, good luck with your quest! We have just put our town house up for sale, looking to move into the countryside too – not a farm, but at least somewhere with room for a big ole veggie plot & some chickens. Look forward to reading all about your adventures 🙂

    1. The Slow Foods Mama Post author

      That’s so exciting! You’re ahead of us then. We need some more time to pay down our gigantic mortgage and let house values go up a bit more before we can move. We’re hoping that way we’ll have a big enough nest egg to have our new mortgage be more manageable. (Vancouver is notoriously unaffordable.)

      We’re not really moving to the “country” either – there really is no such thing in this part of the world. Langley used to be countryside, now it’s just very rural . . . We probably won’t be able to afford more than 10 acres, but even 5 will seem like eden compared to what we have now . . .

      Keep us posted, and if you ever want to guest post about your quest for a farm I’d love it!

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