moving forward : launching Tortoise & Hare Slow Foods

It has been another long break between posts. Sorry.

Turns out, growing another person is a lot more work than you’d think! Pregnancy has been a trip. One that I am glad is coming to an end! I swore if one more person asked me what I was doing with my time I was going to have a T-shirt made: “I created a life today. What did YOU do?”

Thankfully we are only a matter of weeks away from our little one’s arrival now. My version of “nesting” seems to be of the digital variety. So much to do before I’m otherwise occupied for a while! Part of that digital nesting has involved diving into the world of twitter and finally starting to make progress on the home business I have been daydreaming about for ages.

Slowly but surely, Tortoise and Hare Slow Foods is coming to life. I am moving my blog to my new website at I can now also be found on twitter as @slowfoodsmama as well as on facebook.

Just like the fable that inspired my business, I am moving slow and steady. Bear with me as I balance a new baby and a huge learning curve!

If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, keep an eye out on our site for upcoming classes in artisan bread baking, home canning and preserving, organic gardening, growing food in the city, seed saving, backyard chickens and more. For those friends far and away, we are hoping to offer a line of online classes that you can enjoy at your convenience (and in your jammies if you like!) There will be still be lots of recipes and of course the blog.

I hope you will come and find me in my new digital homes and support Tortoise & Hare as it slowly germinates into what I hope will be a vibrant, thriving being.

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