(raspberry) fences make good neighbours

the edible fence between our place and the Wong's

It wasn’t that long ago that there was a write up in my favorite little local paper on a young couple who had managed to make themselves pretty unpopular with their neighbours. Apparently *their* edible front yard didn’t enjoy quite the same reception ours has . . . The article noted that when a sympathetic city counsel member visited the garden she discovered a discarded TV in the front yard and found more than a few flaws with their gardening methods. (There is lazy gardening and then there is lazy gardening.) By the sounds of it they earned themselves a fine for their troubles. So ya . . . A good reminder to be a good neighbour if you want your edible front yard to stick around (and not cost you a fortune in fines to city hall).

So when our raspberries took off this spring, Jeff made a point of asking our neighbour, Yan, if he wanted us to mow them down on his side of the fence and apologized for their wayward ways. He just laughed and said – Oh no, it’s fine – Now I don’t need to reach over the fence!

And there you have it. An even more valuable lesson. As much as fences make good neighbours – raspberry fences make even better ones!


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