winter beauty in the garden

bee bath in winter

When we first ripped out our front lawn last March, I have to admit I had a moment of panic. All that soil, naked. Empty. Ugly. My sister referred to my front yard as my “mud garden” for months. We knew we wanted to landscape with edibles, but what would that look like mid-winter? Even amid the abundance of summer I worried.  Would my stocked larder be worth having an ugly yard for half of the year?

frosty winterbor kale

tuscan kale

Turns out, the garden is shockingly beautiful in the winter, in unexpected ways. We’ve had a week or so of unusually cold, clear weather and the frost has created spectacular scenes in the front yard. The kale in particular has put on quite a show. I love the frozen droplets on the winterbor. Fantastic. Bonus? Kale tastes sweeter after frost.

The frost did wonderful things all over the garden. So pretty.

The colour in the winter garden has also been anything but blah.

Even the dead and dying is beautiful in it’s own way. The former art student in me just loves the lines made by the leaves as they fall and break down. They always make me want to draw.

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