vancouver is one step closer to backyard chickens!


Great news on the backyard chicken front – Vancouver’s draft hen bylaw is ready for public input!

Check out the bylaw and some recommendations for tweaking from farm folk city folk here.

We can’t wait. The fiance slaved away in the worst heat of summer on our backyard chicken coop / garden shed. It has four lovely laying boxes, a great big potting area for me, and a green roof that will be full of strawberries come June!

coloured eggs

Already the ladies in my office are calling dibs on any extra eggs, and the young girl next door has already offered to come hen-sit when we go on vacation. I am doing my best to figure out where we can get only 4 heritage breed chickens. I figure if you’re going to have your own chickens in the city you really should have some that will lay lovely coloured eggs, right? Isn’t that half the fun?

Tonight the fiance is taking me out for my birthday dinner at Raincity Grill. We have never been disappointed with the food or the service, and they do a lovely job of promoting local farms. Everything is seasonal and during the annual Dine Out Vancouver they even had a 100 mile diet menu. It was to die for.

Already this evening we have been drooling over the menu online . . . The fiance is thinking lamb but I have my eye on the bison, maybe with biodynamic greens, beet and goat cheese salad. Yum. They have a spectacular wine list as well. The last time we were there we discovered Blasted Church out of Okanagan Falls, BC and their gewurtz. Yum.

We certainly have worked up an appetite.  Being Saturday we had our “practical” master gardener class. Which usually means doing something in the pouring rain, and today was no exception. We spent the better part of the afternoon pruning – and I cut down a tree!! With a hand saw! It was totally crazy and absolutely exhausting. But more on that later.

There is a beautiful piece of bison downtown with my name on it!

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