cabbages & community

my prized january king cabbage

my prized red cabbage

Pretty weird to think of cabbage and community as being linked in anyway.  But for some reason, my silly cabbage has been one of the biggest connectors of my garden.  At first blush, my tomatoes seemed the likely candidate – they are spectacularly tall for so early in the season and there are a million of them.  Not to mention they have pride of place climbing up the arbour at my front gate . . .

Perhaps come August those tomatoes will gain more recognition – but for now, its the cabbage that is the queen of the garden.

This morning I was out for an early morning water; possibly my favorite time of day.  It is still cool and the street is quiet.  A cup of coffee in one hand and the hose in the other is simply contentment before the busyness of the day ahead. Something about the early morning also lends itself to conversation.

This morning a lady came by I haven’t met before.  We exchanged good mornings and then much to my surprise she climbed right up on top of my burm, amongst the veg and flowers, to get a better look at my cabbage. And even more to my surprise, she offered to buy it!  This is the second lady in the past week or so who has expressed interest in giving my cabbage a good  home!  Unlike the early jersey wakefield cabbage, the red cabbage is not yet ready for harvest, so a bit flustered, I told her well sure, when it’s ready, you’re welcome.  Then I realized it wasn’t the head she was after – it was the large, tough under-leaves she wanted for her pot.

Next thing I know I am filling a bag with leaves of cabbage and kale.  In the few minutes it took us to trim off the leaves I learned she was from Sri Lanka, how long she had been in Canada, how many children she had, where they lived and what they and their spouses did for a living and how to cook cabbage Sri Lankan style.  In exchange for my offering of brassica, free of charge, she said quite determinedly – I will bring you Sri Lankan food.  I will knock on your door tomorrow and bring you food.  And I will come and help you in your garden.  And that was that.

All this from one cabbage.  Amazing.

One thought on “cabbages & community

  1. hyperlocavore

    I love this story – This is the kind of thing I am hoping to …um seed all over the country with my yard sharing site. Food brings people together like nothing else!

    Lovely post!


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